The Goals describe what Meet the Geeks is trying to achieve.

Rough Drafts Edit

Trevor's IdeasEdit



  1. More jobs
  2. More revenue
  3. More collaboration (eg, Meet the Geeks IT Directory Project)
  4. More support (eg, education, jobs, making people aware of opportunities)

(more fleshed out)

  1. Assist people in finding IT-related jobs in WNC.
  2. Help IT-related businesses increase their revenue to drive job growth.
  3. Provide a structure enabling people to collaborate freely.
  4. Facilitate knowledge-sharing to learn new skills, become aware of new opportunities, and ??


  1. To increase the number of IT-related job opportunities in WNC
  2. To increase the average number of IT people each person knows in WNC
  3. To increase the attendance at IT-related events

(Overall I think each of our broad goals should expand into 2-3 specific measurable goals that we can use to se if we are making progress).


  • People focused. I'd like the goal to be to help people, not businesses. While we need to help businesses to help people, everything we do to help businesses should be with the goal of helping people--rather than helping businesses for their own sake, or, worse, helping businesses but hurting people.

- Brian: Does this mean we should stop thinking of the MTG IT directory in terms of both people and companies?

-Sharon: I always cringe at the word "jobs" rather than "income opportunities." The latter leaves room for contract workers, freelancers, independent contributors in corporations, business developers, sole proprietors who may hire contractors/temps. My focus is on creation of wealth, not the employment relationship (although the traditional economic developers - e.g. County Commissioners, etc., tend to lean toward what's most easily measured: job growth.)

Examples Edit

(add examples here)

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