A list of IT-related needs and offers including job postings, volunteer requests, equipment lending, barter trading, and looking for work postings. Keep entries short; link to another page with additional information if you need to provide a full description.

Needs Edit

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Looking for people to help develop the content and structure of this wiki. Contact Trevor or Tom to coordinate with the initial efforts, or just start adding and editing!
  • BI PROJECT NEEDED: Looking for a part-time project to work with a major BI package like Cognos or Business Objects. Contact User:Alan.McRae at 828-226-0136.

Offers Edit

  • JOB: System Administrator, Programmer. PHP and MYSQL experience. Full time. Can work from home. Resume: Office Manager, PO Box 7525, Asheville NC 28802. Fax 828-221-2262.

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