Excerpt below from the Carolina NewsWire, July 7, 2005

Red Hat and Sun Microsystems team up for open source software directive in Europe STRASBOURG -- The European Parliament voted to reject the Computer-Implemented Inventions directive, the so-called 'software patent' directive. Red Hat (NASDAQ: RHAT) and Sun Microsystems combined efforts with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) to bring about this victory for those who value free and open source software. The Parliamentary rejection represents a request for better legislation; legislation that will ensure that software "as such" is not patentable. Read More

Excerpt below from [1]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Those High-flying Angel Investors: VC Panel Talks Up Creative Financing for Start-ups Software manufacturing, software programs to defeat spam, new business data technology and web services are all areas of opportunity for entrepreneurs, according to venture capitalists taking part in a panel on creative financing at a recent Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. And those entrepreneurs who cut costs, sign on angel investors and find other creative ways to finance their start-ups will be rewarded with more equity in their firms assuming they become successful. One always promising but often prickly funding source: angel investors. [2]Complete text of article.

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