Lab Escape develops data visualization components that enable software and solution providers to increase the value of their products by giving their customers a holistic understanding of their data that translates into increased revenue and reduced costs.

Our core product, Enterprise Tree Map 2.0, works with categorized, hierarchical and multidimensional data to identify emerging trends, isolate hidden problems and uncover new opportunities. It is used across industries in applications ranging from inventory management to mobile phone call usage tracking to CRM and BI analysis.

For more information, please contact Trevor Lohrbeer at (800) 921-3623 x702, or e-mail info (at)

Key Stats Edit

Industry:Information Technology
Sector:Software Development
Offices:Asheville, NC; New Orleans, LA
Phone:(800) 921-3623

Images Edit

nasdaq-300x213.jpg veda5-300x218.jpg

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