Discuss your experiences at the Meet the Geeks event. What did you like? What did you not like? How often would you like the event to occur?

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How did you like Meet the Geeks? Edit

Let us know what you liked and what you didn't like about Meet the Geeks. What were the things that really worked for you? What are your suggestions for future events?

73 people signed in - more were there enjoying the refreshments generously provided by The Electronic Office and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Let us hear from you!

Tim Buxton from Johnson City: I really liked the Meet the Geeks. I met a lot of people with similar interests and found out what is going on in Asheville - really impressive. I would suggest for future gatherings having some laptops with wireless internet available. I liked the Lab Escape demo that I saw after I got back home. It would have been great to be able to see it as I was talking to Trevor Lohrbeer, for instance.

What connections did you make? Edit

Thanks for everyone who attended for creating an incredible event. Please post a message here letting us know what connections you made and how they might help your business or career. The more stories we can tell about connections people made at the event, the easier it will be to continue to get sponsors for food and promotion for the event.

How often should we host a "Meet the Geeks" event? Edit

Please leave any feedback regarding how often you think the Meet the Geeks event should occur.

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