At the conclusion of a substantial investigation and discussion period, the Wi-Fi Committee of the Asheville Tech Council recently presented a recommendation to the Board of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. You can read about their process at Wireless WNC

Since the committee recommended that a map be created identifying current wireless hot spots in downtown Asheville, to be shown as either "free" or "paid" access points, the Tech Council is now seeking volunteers to validate the current status of the hot spots already identified and add any new ones. If you are willing to assist in this project, send an e-mail with the subject line -wi-fi map project- to Sharon Willen (at)

Please feel free to post your ideas about Wi-Fi implementation in Asheville-Buncombe County-WNC, relevant links to articles or Web pages of interest on the Talk:IT Discussions page.

A discussion of Ethics has already begun. To add your comments to that thread, simply select the "edit" tab on that page and begin typing below the last comment posted.

If you want to start a discussion on a new topic, select the plus sign next to the edit tab. For additional assistance with posting to the IT discussion forum, please see discussion help.

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