Women In Transition (WIT) is a forum for WNC women who see themselves as moving through a transitional phase in their lives and welcome the support and advice of other women. Women who are participating are quite varied in age, background, and the changes they are steering through. Some are newly relocated to WNC, some have deep roots in the region. They are at different stages in planning and activating or coping with changes to their work situations, their marriages, their spiritual awareness, their artistic or literary development, their economic well-being.

We hope to use this Wiki as way to stay involved with one another between meetings. If you want to call a meeting to engage the group in live support, post a brief description of your proposed meeting topic on the Needs/Offers page and send an e-mail with the subject line WIT Meeting Request to [1].

This is a community portal that is editable by anyone. If something should be on this page that does not belong, please add it to the appropriate section. If you are not familar with editing content on a wiki, please read this tutorial.

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